RNF: Today was a good day (geek version)…

All respect due to Cube (Ice that is), but today has been the geek variant of a good day. For starters I was already in a good mood early morning for no reason in particular and then…

  • Free (good) cookies in the break room.
  • Free donuts from a co-worker.
  • Resolved a nagging IT issue that was not an IT issue. (Ahem, user error, cough.)
  • Successfully multi-tasked errands at lunch time.
  • Then <duh-duh-duhhhhnnn!!!!!!> after obsessively checking my Note 3 daily for the Kit Kat OTA update it hit!
  • Bingo!, Blackjack!!, Yahtzee!!!, Jenga!!!!, etc…

Note: Fully being conscious of the fact that I totally overreact with regards to OTA updates does not stop synapses firing off in my brain like Christmas and my birthday came early.

In conclusion, today was a good day.


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