The Olympus 25mm f1.8: I have found my focal length sweet spot…

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Subtitle: If loving a lens is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Note: Not a review. Just some musings and some sample photos.

Everything I love about the 45mm f1.8 and loved about the 17mm f1.8 in a wonderful focal length. With the 17mm I found myself foot zooming forward at times and with the 45mm I find myself occasionally foot zooming back (into a wall now and again), but as advertised by many the m43 25mm (“Nifty fifty” 50mm equivalent on 35mm) is optical wysiwyg. I heard good things about the Panasonic 25mm f1.4, but the Zuiko f1.8 hits the right price/size balance for me. Both focal length and lens choices are entirely subjective and your personal preference may vary.

Camera touch focus, and fast AF teamed with the lens’ relatively close focus distance, sharp details and f1.8 make DOF tests like the one below a simple affair. All three photos taken back to back within moments using touch focus. JPEG straight out of camera with no edits other than adding watermark. Click images to view them full size.:

M.Zuiko 25mm f1.8 - pen focus point

M.Zuiko 25mm f1.8 - glass focus point

M.Zuiko 25mm f1.8 - lamp focus point


What more is there to say about Olympus’ range of fast primes that has not already been said? Abridged version: Fast, silent, sharp, excellent CA control, etc… I will babble no longer. Here is a gallery link.


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