RNF – Low grade OCD and photography are a dicey mix.

aka: Not getting that half hour of my life back.

Run on sentence ahead: Exploring the capabilities of a new lens last night led to fighting with camera, obsessing over taking a blur-free test shot of nearby logo on a computer speaker in low light to the point of clamping down on the camera like a rottweiler on a sick cow*, admittedly starting to blame the new lens, only to realize today that I had turned off IS unintentionally at some point before that.

Did manage to take a satisfactory blur free shot last night, but I was in a pose stiff enough to take a 2×4 hit without flinching to get it. (And then delete it of course since it was just a test shot.) I imagine it should be somewhat easier to accomplish this evening. And I will be testing this out again this evening.

Low grade OCD and photography are a dicey mix.


*No rottweilers or sick cows were harmed while employing this old timey colloquial reverse euphemism.

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