Most viewed post of 2022: A Sigma dp2 Quattro in 2021. Clearly, I have lost my mind.

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Recently posted a link to a 35mmc post where one of my contributions made their top ten read list.

This caused me to take a closer look at my own blog stats from last year and I noticed a few things.

Most Viewed Post

that the top viewed post from 2022 was a post I wrote in August of 2021. (Link to story here or click image below.)

While not surprised that I am interested in the dp2 Quattro I am surprised this post was interesting to so many others. Many of my posts are about much more mainstream gear. But the more I think about it that is likely why this post was viewed so many times. Second place was about SIGMA gear also. A post I wrote about the SIGMA 30mm f/1.4 Art DSLR lens mounted to Sony FE. Another odd duck post. After that, the rest of the top ten list goes all over the place. New gear, old gear, film, and digital.

To which I say hello fellow odd ducks out there.


This was less of a surprise. While most views are from the US there has been a good mix usually. Going further down the list many more countries are represented.

Views Spike

This was a larger surprise. While I will check on my daily stats from time to time I usually do not step back and look at stats from year to year. Increases in viewership were expected. So what was the surprise? An almost 100% jump in views from 2021 to 2022. From 49,656 views in 2021 to 90,091 in 2022. Distinct visitors also increased from 29,828 in 2021 to 54,163 in 2022.

What does this all mean?

I have no idea broadly.

But I am pleased that more folks found their way to this odd little corner of the interwebs.

I do not really compare myself to other blogs. I am sure these are paltry numbers compared to other blogs out there. But that is not really the point of this page. As stated on my about page:

So logic plays little if any part in this blog. You have just stumbled into my personal long winded ongoing therapy session.



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