This Old Camera: Contax G1 – Return of the G.

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Added new sample photos to this post.

Eric L. Woods

As I have mentioned in recent posts I went on a full on Contax G bender a few years ago. Even wrote about this system for KEH claiming it to be my favorite. Then I sold them all off afterward. Why? My stated reason was that I used the T2 more. Honestly no idea what I was thinking. As I should have been able to predict the T2 and the G lens system are different enough where having both makes sense for me. Upon G system re-entry the G1 or G2 question was easy. G1.

Contax G1

Is the G2 better? Arguably yes. There are “buts” however.

  • Better AF.
    • G1 is more than good enough. I have never once thought “I wish the AF worked better” when using the G1 even when I also owned the G2. Your mileage may vary.
  • Continuous AF during bursts.
    • I never shoot burst on film, which…

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