RNF – Foundational

The foundation.

Don’t want to acknowledge it.

Don’t want to talk about it.

Don’t want to teach it.

Want to ban books about it.

But here we are yet again.

Method and tools used? At issue as well. But the motive is the root issue here.

The same evil belief system at play yesterday is the same foundational evil belief system this nation was “founded” and expanded upon (read that murdered and stolen), “built” upon (read that as murdered and enslaved), and enforced (triple k, y’all quaeda, Rosewood, Tulsa Massacre, Emmit Till, etc.). That one group has a right to do to others as they see fit to get what they want without consequences. While those others are murdered for nothing. Skittles. Loosies. Picking up their wallet. Tail light out. Walking. Sitting. Shopping. Jaywalking. Etc. Instead they get to see another day and be put on trial. Might even get Burger King.

Make no mistake. That which is not only ignored, but protected will repeat again and again. The root lie left unaddressed will persist. Those that protect it or ignore it are complicit.

Sickened? Yes.

Saddened? Immeasurably so.

Surprised? Not in the least.

Inevitable in a state of societal denial.

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