Made an honest camera of my Contax G1: Fab Handcrafted – The F8 Strap (khaki)

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An odd tradition I have has to do with camera straps. For digital cameras, it is those little Peak connector dealies that I am sure have a proper name, but I do not feel like Googling it right now. Once I decide I am going to keep a camera long term on they go. Once a camera is dead to me off they go.

For film cameras it is not so clear cut. I will often not attach any manner of camera strap, but once I do it is a little more serious. If I go ahead and purchase a strap specifically for a camera la-di-dah we have ourselves a keeper for sure. After going on a full blown Contax G1/G2 bender followed by a miscalculation where it appears I listened to the analog masses and pivoted to “proper” MF rangefinder cameras like the Leica M3, Voigtlander Bessa R2, and Leica CL only to return to the Contax G1 fold a couple of years ago. A worldwide meltdown on many levels will really get you to evaluate things…


Now that I am all in with this camera including a trifecta of primes…

Contax G1 System

…I figure it is time to make an honest camera of the G1 and purchase a proper strap. There are plenty of great brands. Last time around with Contax G I went with a Gordy wrist strap. A fantastic strap and I highly recommend it. But this time I was looking for something different. A chord strap perhaps. Coordinated even.

The late, great John Witherspoon. One of my all-time favorite movie scenes in one of my favorite movies.

Then it happened. Not sure how, but I crossed paths with Fab Handcrafted. They may have liked a photo of mine. I may have come across a post of theirs. Either way I have Instagram to thank. This is a recent trend as I recently ended up finding a bedframe the same way… Great product. Still odd that it happened… Back to the task at hand. This is the exact image that turned this into a “Take My Money!” matter.

There it is ladies and gentlemen. The exact strap that I was thinking of. Ordered it right away and arrived today.

Fab - The F8 strap (khaki)

I will give it to Fab. They had a bit of flair to the presentation with the bag, bit of string, signed note, leather camera protector rings, and all.

Fab - The F8 strap (khaki)
Fab - The F8 strap (khaki)

Went on just fine as one would expect and looks quite spiffy I must say.

Fab - The F8 strap (khaki)

I think Mr. Witherspoon would have approved.

Furthermore the strap feels quite well made and I expect it to last. Will mention again that I appreciate the leather protector rings. Ordered it to fast to notice that they came with and I very much appreciate them being included. Looks the business and protects the camera body from the rings.

Fab - The F8 strap (khaki)

I chose the shortest strap since it makes it easier for me to wrap the strap around my wrist and handhold the camera without worrying about catching the strap on things like doorknobs while allowing enough length to throw it over one shoulder in a pinch if I do not wish to go full normal state tourist mode.

Great looking and quality build for a reasonable sum.

A great addition to a great camera.

Fab - The F8 strap (khaki)

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