Funny how some tout the significance of free speech until it is yours.

Funny how some say vote, don’t complain when their cohorts fill the social media space with rhetoric and lies while at the same time attempting to deny or repress their opponents’ vote or gerrymandering their vote into insignificance.

Funny how some tout the significance of the Constitution, but do not seem to grasp it’s most basic tenets.

Funny how some are all about history until it contradicts their Disney-fied narrative or makes them ill at ease.

Funny how some are all so busy defending state’s rights until a state goes against their agenda.

Funny how so many are quick to judge and condemn others seek ‘time to find out the facts’ and forgiveness and compassion when it involves them and their ilk.

Funny how some prefer to follow their mistaken gut over empirical fact.

Funny how some demand decorum and kindness from others when their false prophet bullies, demeans, and insults others with reckless abandon.

Funny how some are so steadfast to say that we should support the president no matter what when they did not do so when a party other than theirs was in office.

Funny how some who claim to be Patriots espouse the values of and even fly the flags of those who were vanquished by the very republic they claim allegiance to.

Funny how some are for the troops until it comes time to vote to assist them or one actually in uniform testifies against their idol.

Funny how some go for the okey doke like any of this makes sense.

Funny how the word funny should be replaced with ‘terribly awful and utterly against logic, decency, and reason’.

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