Gathering light instead of spreading darkness.

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We all know this. Or at least we should.

There is a phrase of my own creation that I typically use for things like sports. Relevancy Artificial Construct.

Phrase of my own imagining to describe any scenario where matters of complete insignificance in the grand scheme of things are treated as essential because enough individuals have banded together to deem it so. The ‘tell’ is whether or not anyone outside of that defined bubble can find any discernible merit within that same construct.


  1. The ‘Woods’ Imagined Phraseology Dictionary’ itself. One can be quite forgiven for passing on considering anything produced whole cloth from the machinations of an engineering degree wielding middle class family man that dabbles in music, photography, and random neural firings while helping to pay the bills via healthcare IT nerdery as relevant.
  2. Sports. In general and by region. One person’s World Series is another’s snooze fest or United State’s Series while a couple of letters yields a gaping chasm between football and futbol.
  3. Entertainment News. No explanation should be required.
  4. Any inflammatory rhetoric based in half truths solely intended to agitate, irritate, obfuscate, intimidate aggravate and separate that addresses no significant matter at hand.

In that way camera gear rumor and review videos and blog posts are my artificial relevancy construct. I fully understand that my ramblings here serve mainly to distract me from the mundane working of this bizarre if not outright cruel world. None of it matters really.

Brand? Format? Sensor size? Prime or zoom? Film or digital? Portrait, landscape, etc.?

Reviews from my favorite channels are inevitably similar. To be expected. Same camera. Same lens. Photography and video needs tend to be pretty straightforward. Inevitable. But they can be a bit redundant when watched back to back. Ultimately I enjoy photographer Youtube channels that do not take themselves too seriously the most. Those who are legitimately humorous are my favorites. Here are a few of my recent favorites.

All in jest. They remind me of when I read car magazines. Yes, I loved cars when I was growing up but the humorous writing is what brought me back to my favorite magazines. I truly appreciate the distraction. I may not agree 100% with what they say, but who cares?

Ultimately meaningless. When it comes to cameras choose one. Choose a few. Have at it.

We all have our opinions. But they are just that. Opinions. I try to always qualify my ramblings with a “personal preference”, “for me”, or the like thrown in. I am a rank amateur at this after all. This is done for my own amusement and distraction. Anything else is gravy.

Most do this. Some attack others from their perch. Some seem to troll sites strictly for the purpose of crapping on others in their own blog posts or videos and the worst of the breed deliver their snarky viper strikes in the… duh, duh, duh… comment section. I avoid those at all costs the majority of the time.

I do not get it. Photography is by definition the practice of gathering light. It baffles me that those who pursue such an endeavor would throw so much darkness.

I will keep pursuing those who produce light.

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