Many have dumped all over the A7c for what it is not. Instead I focused on what it does for my purposes.

My time machine self who could go back a bit and spec the A7 I did not know I wanted or had no hope they would actually make:

I really love my A7III. Just wish it looked like a rangefinder and had a fully articulating screen. Something like a full frame PEN-F (As crazy as it sounds the A7c is shorter and narrower than the MFT PEN-F.). My M mount glass would look really good on that. Think full frame, interchangeable lens ZV-1 with a viewfinder. Sony does not do chic, like Fuji does so well (Way smaller than the APS-C X-Pro1 I once had and the same price as an X-Pro3), but nicer materials than usual would be nice. Keep no crop 4K please. That would be the perfect second body for me.

Mr. Sony:

Here you go. And we threw in better AF, better colors, better MF focus peaking, much larger continuous buffer, kept IBIS, and knocked off a couple of hundred dollars. We did lose that front dial. We also lost the custom buttons and thumbstick. And the mechanical shutter made to fit this tiny space tops out at 1/4000s. Also no second card slot. Sorry.


That is ok. I use the fn quick menu and memory recall modes mostly. I almost never use the front dial because I shoot mostly in aperture and shutter priority modes and rarely touch the front one. If I do shoot manual I hear that I can reprogram the dedicated EV compensation dial to set the shutter speed so I am good. Makes sense actually. For some reason I prefer to use the touch screen to move the focus point rather than the thumbstick when I have the camera to my face. If you kept that we are cool. I will not miss the custom buttons or thumbstick because I keep forgetting to set and/or use them. Also not that worried about a second card slot for my second body. My current second body does not have one either. I can accept that some call these faults, but I prefer compromises and I like it overall. Thank you very much Mr. Sony. I now have one on order.

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