First Wave (mostly affiliated shills evidently): This is the best thing for video ever!

Second Wave (mostly those not affiliated evidently): This is an overheating trash heap dumpster fire!

Third Wave: Canon conspiracy! They did this on purpose!

Fourth Wave: Hey! If you pull the battery and put a grain of rice in it… You get no video. But it does not overheat.

Fifth Wave: These are great for photography!

Sixth Wave: Hey look! Canon released the C70 and it fixes everything! Forget that R5/R6 for video you silly. It does not have a viewfinder, no IBIS, and costs almost twice as much though. You did not want those did you? Oh, you do. I have some other cameras to show you then that were released before any of these that has all of that. Do you have your checkbook handy?

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