GAS vs. Reason: The daily inner monologue.

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For quite a while now I have bounced between bouts of gadget acquisition syndrome and reason. Add plenty of world is burning pandemic free time to think and pursuit of a distraction from the same and then stir. Used to be about what film camera to try next. But I have run my analog course and have settled on my desired film crew. Used to be about sensor sizes, DSLR vs. mirrorless, and brands. Having moved through most of each and finding a sweet spot I have moved on to debating the frivolous digital extremes of M Mounts and medium format. Torn between two mindsets that add even more to ponder:

  • With the world burning as it is with a full blown pandemic alongside a social reckoning on a scale I have not seen in my lifetime, how could I possible even be thinking about such a frivolous expense? Bigger fish to fry and all of that.
  • With the world burning as it is with a full blown pandemic alongside a social reckoning on a scale I have not seen in my lifetime what if things do not go my way since tomorrow is not promised to any of us? A distraction from this madness would be nice.

Leaning more to the former rather than the latter mindset. It goes a little something like this.

  1. GAS speaks: Since I have many M Mount lenses why do I not have an M Mount digital camera?
    • Answer: I have an M Mount film camera to use with them. Digital M Mounts cost a bazillion dollars (give or take a jilllion) and do not have AF or IBIS.
  2. Reason speaks: Why on Earth would I buy a digital M when I can adapt them to cameras I already own and gain almost macro close focus and AF that I could not ever have with a Leica M Mount digital camera at any cost.
    • Answer: That makes sense.
  3. Reason speaks: Without an M Mount digital camera why do I not sell off the M Mount film camera and lenses since I have perfectly good AF alternatives?
    • Answer: I do not want to. They are fun. Leave me alone.
  4. GAS returns: Psst. Sell all of your M Mount gear and anything else required and buy a Fuji GFX 50s and one lens for contrast only focusing and file sizes that will fill your hard drive and cloud at an alarming clip because medium format reasons.
    • Answer: I am going out to shoot. Just leave me alone.

Rinse. Repeat.

I know that photography is more about the images rather than the tool chosen to create them. I know there are so many more pressing things going on in the world, but were it not for these distractions that is all I would ponder.

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