Short review: Neewer Extension Tube Set for Sony FE

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  • Costs less than $50.
  • They work.

That could do it, but I will add more.

A macro lens for another mount has forever spoiled me. The Pentax 100mm WR f/2.8 macro. It is:

  • Inexpensive.
  • Small and light.
  • All-metal.
  • Long enough to get macro shots away from shy subjects and to use as a portrait lens.
  • Tack sharp.
  • Water/dust sealed.
  • Focuses quickly enough, even without a limiter, to be useful as a walkabout lens.

That is the lens hole I have not been able to fill with Sony. All comers are either too expensive, too slow to focus, too big and heavy, too poorly built, or some combination of those shortcomings.

The main ding is slow focusing. Would rather manual focus than focus with slow AF lens.

Then I tripped over AF extension tubes online. Reminded me of the Canon extension tube I had fairly recently that worked so well.

After cross shopping I settled on this Neewer set on Amazon. Have had good luck with Neewer before and so far so good. Used them with the always great Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8. This lens already does a credible macro impression at the wide end which would put the lens so close as to block out all light with the tubes so test shots were at 75mm.


And here is the result:

No tubes

Neewer Extension Tube Set for Sony


Neewer Extension Tube Set for Sony


Neewer Extension Tube Set for Sony


Neewer Extension Tube Set for Sony

Gallery here. And focuses as swiftly as it does w/o.


Until Sony, Rokinon/Samyang, or Tamron clones the Pentax 100mm WR f/2.8 I am done macro lens shopping.


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