SONY A7III: THIS TIME SONY IS SERIOUS. PART 2. Not numbering anymore of these.

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Wrote a part one about the Sony A7III thinking there may be one or two more to come and that would do it. Since then I realized something. Will likely be writing about this camera for quite some time. That first post was about feel. Stumped on what to write for part two. It defies categorization. What do I mean…

The A7III has an entry-level price, but that is about it.

  • Paid more for the A7RII even with it’s post A7RIII release discounted price. I have a less than logical allegiance to it. Why? Megapixels. But looked at rationally Megapixel count is the only advantage this camera has over the A7III. The latter has proven superior in every single way since. So much so I have seriously considered trading for a second A7III. But megapixels.
  • Competition. More accurately a lack of competition. Comparisons fall into two camps.
    • Similar price: Nothing compares.
      • Full frame:
        • Canon 6D Mk II… Makes me wonder if Canon was trolling its own customers after seeing the features omitted. Nope.
        • Nikon D750. I really like the D750. At one point I was in the Nikon APS-C camp and was caught in a feature back and forth between the D750 and D810 when contemplating a full frame upgrade. But in the end I just could not justify the price of the D810 and could not make peace with spending 2K on a camera that had a shutter that topped out at 1/4000 of a second… 1/4000? Nope.
        • Pentax K-1. Had a K-1. Loved that K-1. But as I alluded to in a recent post it was done in by my preference for vintage lenses. Sure the Pentax could use legacy Pentax 35mm glass. But you know what other camera can do the same? Any Sony A7. And the Sony can take any 35mm lens, no matter the type (SLR or rangefinder), format (they make medium format lens adapters even), or brand. Also loved the robust build in theory. In practice I like carrying with and the K-1 was like carrying a melee weapon everywhere I went. Actually thought a K-Mount ax handle could come in handy if there ever was a zombie apocalypse. A heart heavy nope.
      • APS-C and smaller:
    • Greater price: Why though?
      • What is more money going to buy you? Will not go over it again. You have seen the Youtube videos and spec sheets like I have. Unless there is a specific professional requirement I do not see the point. Emotionally I understand if you have an allegiance to a particular brand. But logically I can only think of a few reasons to spend more and Sony even has that covered.
        • Faster burst, no LCD blackout during burst, even faster focusing, and no distortion in silent shooting? A9
        • More MP and similar features? A7RIII
        • (Prediction) Even better lowlight than this camera already delivers at high levels? The yet to be announced A7SIII

As always this is all opinion. Your mileage may vary. But if you are in the market for a camera and looking to spend around $2,000 no matter what brand you shoot I highly recommend trying out an A7III. If you are looking at spending $3,000 or more I highly recommend trying out an A7III. Before you spend $1,5000 on a camera I highly recommend trying out an A7III… Get one in hand. As much I expected to like it I was more impressed with the product in hand…

Ok, I’ll stop. You get my point. In case I have not made myself clear after trying many, many cameras this is the best camera I have ever owned at any price.

Happy shooting.


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