Minolta Maxxum/Sony A Mount 20mm f/2.8

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While “native” native lenses are preferable most of the time I have had very good luck with AF adapted film lenses. In addition to the Techart TA-GA3 I wrote about for KEH I have also enjoyed using the Sony LA-EA4 A mount adapter. One lens I first had a hard time parting with the money for was the Minolta Maxxum 20mm f/2.8. But then I realized that it was good enough that Sony basically rebranded it as is today new. Then I looked at other similarly spec’d lenses for Sony and other brands… And then I went back and bought it hastily from yon local camera shoppe.


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So the rest will be short. This lens is awesome. Just like every other Minolta lens I have ever used so there are no surprises here. The run down.

  • Sharp.
  • A fast focuser with the LA-EA4.
  • Awesome colors.
  • Well balanced.
  • Internal focus.
  • No distortion that I can see.
  • Has lightroom lens profile so that is nice.
  • Fairly close focuser.

If you are so inclined I highly recommend this lens.

Here is an ongoing gallery and below are some samples.

Happy shooting.


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Maxxum 20mm f/2.8

Maxxum 20mm f/2.8

Maxxum 20mm f/2.8

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