First Rolls: Ilford Delta 3200

As stated in a recent post I wrote for I like trying different types of film. Will now start listing new films I try under first rolls. Not much to say here so I will get the one potential negative out of the way first.

Kind of grainy. I say potential negative because you may like grain. Some folks seem to think grain is at the heart of the reason to shoot film. Others prefer blisteringly sharp tiny grain films like I find Fuji Acros 100 to be.

But this bit of grain is a small price to pay to get away with taking shots like this inside. handheld at night with only available light.

Plus it was workable outside in bright conditions with a camera that can get up to 1/1000s shutter speed like the Pentax 645N I used it with. Took this midday on a snow day.


One caveat is that I was advised to shoot this film at 1250 or the grain might get out of hand. As happy as I am with the results at 1250 I might try it at 3200 next time at night outside.

Well that is it for now. Here is a link to the ongoing gallery for this film. Will post more posts under the tag First Rolls as I try more film.

Happy shooting.


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