First Rolls: Fuji Provia 100F (Slide film newbie)

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Always hesitated to try slide film. Why?

1. Heard you had to get the exposure just right since it was unforgiving.

Who needs that? I do evidently. After securing some cameras that nail auto exposure (Contax T2 in this case) …allowing me to sidestep exposure responsibility concerns I decided to give it a shot. After turning in the roll I found a second downside.

2. Not processed locally so unlike color film or XP2 (1 day turnaround usually) or traditional black and white (1-2 weeks depending on timing) it took weeks to get this film back.

Admittedly this was likely delayed further due to the holiday. But I was assured by the folks at the camera shop that slide film was worth the wait.

And they were 100% right. The negatives (positives?) were beautiful. So thick and full of color and detail.


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This is the first film that may actually encourage me to develop at home… Nah. Will just be more patient. But one day.

120 film was even more impressive (witness Matthew observing Wilson’s work with his {previously mine before moving to the N and happy it stayed in the SE Camera family} Pentax 645 below) so that will be next.


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This film is worth the price of admission and the wait just to look at the negatives. I could stare at them for minutes at a time.

Here are some samples and a link to the ongoing gallery.


Get yourself a solid AE camera and have at it. If you are an ace of exposure get yourself a roll and have at it. I do not think that you will regret it.

Happy shooting.




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