Samsung 45mm f1.8 2D/3D Sample Gallery

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I just realized I never put up a post about one of my favorite lenses, the Samsung 45mm f1.8. It came as the best kit lens option I have ever purchased with my NX300. The NX300/45mm kit option does not to appear to be available anymore so I am glad I snagged one. If it had not come with the kit I would very likely have purchased it’s 45mm non 3D twin. This one has 2D/3D capability, but I have made no use of it other than playing with the switch so I can see the twin plane window glide in and out. It is a fantastic all around lens when out and about. Due to it being a 67.5mm full frame equivalent it is not the best choice for close quarters, but other than that I have found very little to fault. The only reason it does not stay on my camera is that the 30mm is more pocketable, but I find the 45mm superior all around when compactness is not at issue. Here is a gallery of photos I have taken with it over this year:

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