Watch “Jon Stewart on Crossfire” 10 years ago or what is wrong with most modern news media 101

Best 15 minutes of TV I have seen in a while. Too bad it is from 10 years ago. For me it stands as the official coming out of all news outlets as badly written, worst cast, most distorted of all unending reality shows.

Warning: It might be the overabundance of turkey ingested yesterday on Turkey day, but run on sentences and venting ahead. Perhaps L-Tryptophan makes me cranky.

I am a fan of no news network. While the relatively diabolical nature of one news network over another can be debated, an exercise that is in itself ludicrous,  at issue is the fact that all of them are engaged in a theater of sensationalism, mock outrage and misinformation. Pantomime conflagrations of idiocy I can barely stand to watch any more. It is exhausting attempting to extract some semblance, some gem of relevance in ever expanding dung heaps of nonsense. Information ambulance chasers. What concerns me even more is that the amazing numbers of citizenry that do not see the absurdity or see it and choose to play along anyway. While it is clear that more, I hope anyway, are detaching themselves from the news/corporate/political matrix seemingly so many more seem perfectly fine with business as usual. And it is a business. News networks are merely profit centers for massive corporations. They are not seeking to inform us for the betterment of this nation. They all are seeking the betterment of their bottom lines. They show foolishness at such a grand scale so as to gather as many eyes as possible to sell to advertisers. Truth, accuracy, and a measured delivery of data sans spin is a distant consideration if considered at all. And local news, and network news has followed suit for the most part unfortunately. I have no resolution to suggest. It is not the fault of one individual or another. I have watched as individuals who once built their brand on integrity sell out for the big desk and become hollow shills for the system. It is a principality issue. Like any business venture if anyone should regain their integrity bearings they will merely be pushed aside and replaced by the next in queue of the long line of people waiting in the wings for their turn at the big desk. I have no imbecilic “If some group ‘a’ other than my own would just do ‘b’ than everything would magically be better.” oversimplified analysis to provide. I have no idea what would change this. I wish I did. But I do know that it will never stop as long as this news hackery for profit blithely ingested by the masses business model continues to work. -ELW


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