Extended RNF – Letting celebrities off of the hook. aka Popular vs. Significant

In honor of some choice ‘wisdom’ released in to the atmosphere by those with ready access to microphones and recording devices I humbly submit this repost.

Eric L. Woods

Why would anyone expect that someone should be full of meaningful insights and philosophical truths simply because they can act, sing, play a sport or otherwise entertain? By definition many in this realm are in the business of speaking words composed in advance or are prepared for them by writers during their day jobs.


Let’s say, theoretically, that an individual is quite proficient at producing and rapping. Wildly successful at both even, which brings them immense fame and fortune. So far the qualifiers for their popularity are based solely on their musical gifts, or their ability to entertain. But what if those are their only gift areas? Theoretically, of course. Early on this individual shows signs of being… oh let’s say clumsy when it comes to expressing themselves in a respectful and cohesive manner. It is often written off as eccentric, the moneyed variant of ‘touched’ as my folks…

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