RNF – Sight vs. Vision. Don’t worry when others do not see your vision…

They may see what you do , but they may not be able to see your vision. -ELW

I am not sure if other photographers of various classification are struck by this, but I tend to get distracted while attempting to make a vision in to a reality. I will see a situation that looks simple enough to the naked eye, but I begin to see a vision of what could be with some adjustments. Case in point this past Saturday I enjoyed being a part of the 100 Men In Black Annual Concert which was held at the Carolina Theater, Durham, NC. I especially enjoyed sharing the lead on the closing song, an arrangement of ‘My Tribute’ originally by Andre Crouch. Photographers must get used to looking a little off, but at one point during the intermission I went a little past off to some. With many crowded together behind me talking I stopped as all fell silent in my head and I stared off to an isolated corner of backstage where I noticed an interesting arrangement of things and color. All it needed was a change of perspective to make it interesting. I took a quick portrait orientation test shot and then placed my trusty NX300/30mm f2.0, which was on my person the whole night, on the floor. I heard ever more distant banter behind me like, “What’s wrong? Are you going to to step on it?”, and for a brief moment all went silent as I aligned my camera on the floor stooped down and took this one shot above.

I then stood up, and turned around as the background banter returned. I gave no explanation, because vision is not always easy to explain. But I knew I had captured what I was pursuing. To me the picture symbolizes peace, utter silence and isolation, but just behind me was a hornet’s nest of excited intermission chatter and activity. Beyond the curtain there was a theater full of people. The juxtaposition of these extremes in such close proximity is why I hold this one photo more dear than any other that evening. It is also why I love photography. It is very perspective driven. In the midst of chaos came a picture of solitude and peace. It is about what you choose to see. Do you choose to see chaos or peace in a given situation?

Below I add some other photos from that day’s earlier sound check and some taken around the same time as the intermission one above. -ELW

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