A letter to young men of color…

In comments related to articles or by way of talking heads on TV you may have seen and heard some things that might fill you with angst, fear, anger and sadness. Please ignore these ramblings of the scared and confused seeking to rationalize that which cannot be rationalized. The death of a youth who was pursued not having committed any crime.

I have no desire to address those who are already awash in a sea of self righteousness. My father taught me that “Only fools knowingly argue with fools. The casual observer would be hard pressed to tell who the originating fool was.” They are incapable of rational conversation and only seek to obfuscate, instigate, infuriate, and intimidate and are well beyond acknowledging any words I can possibly offer them. Their minds will not be changed no matter what I say so I will not pursue that dialogue. The cast has been set.

Certainly all of this I say is true of more than young men of color, but given the current rhetoric being thrown about fueled by fear and intellectual sloth masquerading as reason, this is my audience for this moment. If it does not suit you it was likely not meant for you. No offense intended. Please do not take any. Feel free to move on. Now back to my intended audience.

You are someone special.

You are not what someone else says you are.

You are specially made for a specific purpose in this world.

Do not let anyone cut short your destiny due to their fears and insecurities.

You are not deserving of irrational fear, scorn, and disdain.

Do not let anyone tell you differently.

It is not you. It is them.

There are those who no matter how ‘clean you keep your nose’ will fear and hate you. Accept this. No, it does not make sense. No, it is not fair or even right. It simply is what it is.

I will elaborate further when time permits so consider this a first installment. Until then remember, you are someone special.

It is not you. It is them.


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