Books & Vocals


Dadisms. A collection of thoughts my father shared with me over time that helped shape who I am.

Random Neural Firings. A collection of thoughts over the years. Some just quick quips in reaction to the events of the day. Some just silly. Some catalog my attempts to make sense of the world by trying to look past what we are instructed to believe to see what is actually going on.


Vocalist (UK House Track by @MalloOfficial (below) /Engineer/IT person/Music, Tech, and Photography Nut

Release Date: 2012-10-29 // Label: Extended Play
Taken from Extended Players Vol. 3

8 Replies to “Books & Vocals”

  1. Hey Eric, Thanks for stopping by and following Morning Story and Dilbert. I see you are an Engineer and working in IT. I’m a Telco Engineer (that’s where I get my familiarity with Dilbert). We could probably sit back with a cup of coffee and talk shop. Thanks again for stopping by. 🙂 Take Care and God Bless Kenny T

    1. Kenny, Thank you for the kind word of encouragement. It does seem that we have similar interest. You have a wonderful blog and I enjoyed the backstory on how it came to be. I pray your continued and increasing success in all endeavors. God bless, Eric

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