Sony A7RV: Quick Animal Eye AF and Resolution Sample.

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This will be a short one. A second post on a camera that is already exceeding my expectations

New and Old - A7RV and A7III

…and is sizing up to be the best camera I have used regardless of sensor format or capture medium. No surprises here. But still impressive.

Animal Eye AF.

The photo of our house mascot was taken quickly with no effort to steady the camera from across the kitchen floor.

Uncropped - Sony A7RV - 50mm f/1.2 G Master

The A7RV immediately picked up his eye even though it was small in the frame and there was little to no contrast. From that distance, all I saw with my eye was a sea of black. But still, the eye was picked up without an issue. This impressed me. I purposely made this difficult and it passed with flying colors. The resulting photo was also brighter than the actual scene. That a camera with so many MP performs so well in poor light continues to impress me.

A quick check on the back screen confirmed that it nailed the focus, but it did not stop there.


I cropped in when editing the file in Lightroom to check AF again. But here I noticed how clear the image was. Now I have had high MP cameras before. But when you team high MP with stellar AF and a sharp lens you get results that are… very impressive.

Cropped - Sony A7RV - 50mm f/1.2 G Master

I usually always second guess myself after a camera purchase. I do not see that happening here. The more I learn, the more I like.

Well done Sony.


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