Analog (GAS) Therapy 1 of 2: Cinestill 400D + Hasselblad 501c + Zeiss 80mm f/2.8

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Despite my best rationalizations I started being taken over by gadget acquisition syndrome recently. The battle comes down to:

Just shot a bridal shoot last week. Wedding is yet to come so all I can share is a photo of the Father of the bride’s (Also a photographer.) leaf blower used to… clear leaves of course but also to give that wind blown Beyonce effect for a couple of shots.

Father of the bride bridal shoot tool.

Used my trusty old A7III and I could not ask for anything more. Used it for a recent wedding shoot (Second shooter to Wilson.) also.

Christina and Manu Wedding
Christine and Manu (Also a photographer.)

Not once did I ever think, “I need something more.”


Blah, blah, blah must buy new thing because it exists.

While I do admit that the A7IV is a better camera, I also must acknowledge that nothing about the A7III is limiting me from producing the images I am looking for.

Still, I thought, I will just go to my local camera shop and give it a look. What is the worst that could happen? But first… to give GAS time to cool off a bit let me finish a roll of film. Even better. Two rolls of film. This is 1 of 2.

As stated in a previous post I messed around and went to Cinestill’s website. There can be only one result. More film. Tried 400D for the first time in 35mm form that time.

Cinestill 400D

This time around I am putting a roll of 120 Cinestill 400D through a favorite camera and lens.


Now that is what I call a proper distraction.

And by the time I finished the two rolls of film, arrived at the camera shop, and started chit chatting… Someone else came in the door and traded their A7III for the one A7IV they had in stock.

Perfect. Saved from myself once again.

Now make no mistake. I will eventually end up with an A7IV. But my plan is to wait as long as I can.

And as far as the film? Cinestill 400D performs just as well in 120 strength as it did in 35mm form.

Here are the photos from a quick walk around a local town. All 12 frames.

Hasselblad 501c
Hasselblad 501c
Hasselblad 501c
Hasselblad 501c
Hasselblad 501c
Hasselblad 501c
Hasselblad 501c
Hasselblad 501c
Hasselblad 501c
Hasselblad 501c
Hasselblad 501c
Hasselblad 501c

I say once again. It is a great film. Great colors. Very sharp. Will definitely be using it again.

And I managed to successfully distract myself and dodge the new gear fever once again.


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