This Old Lens: Contax G Zeiss Planar 45mm f/2

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Added updates and new film photo samples.

Eric L. Woods

Update 1: Have repurchased this lens since this post.

Contax G1

No surprises here. Nearly predicted as much in the opening paragraph below. New film samples below.

Update 2: An interesting product was released that converts Contax G 35mm f/2.8 lenses to M Mount and I wrote a post about how I do not quite get it. Personal preference but I would rather use the 45mm with a Contax G body. Cost wise I purchased a Contax G1 and a Zeiss G 45mm f/2 for less than the converted Funleader lens. On the practical side (I know. None of this is practical.), personal preference again, the G film solution offers auto exposure and AF. Digital wise I would be fine using a $35 MF G to FE adapter with a Sony body. Lastly, I ended up selling my Leica M mount film bodies because 1) I was shooting the lenses adapted…

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