That’ll do series: Wanted a Fujifilm X100 so I made my own – X-E2 and 27mm f/2.8

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Eric L. Woods

I have wanted an X100 since it was first released. A deserved hit. Stylish. Compact. Great IQ. Great lens. Excellent ergonomics. It can be used as a point and shoot with all of the manual controls you could want. What is not to like?

With all that a couple of things kept me from buying one:

  • That price.
  • That lens.
    • Nothing wrong with the lens itself, but this kit is a bit pricey considering you are limited to one lens.

Note: As I have said before if the price is no object for you go for it. Completely understandable. Just not my reality.

Before bailing completely on the X100 experience consider the main draws.

  • IQ.
  • Compact.

The closest optical viewfinder interchangeable lens option is the X-Pro series, but they cost more for the body alone and are also considerably larger…

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