This Old Camera: Canon AE1 Program

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Eric L. Woods

This will be a short one for me.

Just realized that I never wrote a dedicated post about this camera and I intend to fix that by converting this previous Scanner Files post to a proper “This Old Camera” post. The Canon AE1 Program served me well, but there is not a lot I can say about it. At least nothing that distinguishes it from a host of other SLRs from this era. Have since moved on to the newer also FD mount Canon T70 which is quirky enough and cheap enough to hold my interest.

Let us start out with the positives.

  • Feels good in hand.
  • Auto meters well.
  • Looks the business.
  • Decent top shutter speed at 1/1000s.
  • Holds on to some great FD lenses like the 50mm I had for it.
  • Full Program mode is great for those just learning or if you just want to…

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