This Old Camera: The mighty little Contax T2 (Update)

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Eric L. Woods

Updated below.

Being smitten with the Contax G Boys I wanted more, but less. More of that Contax/Zeiss goodness, but in a smaller package. Decided on the T range. Ruled out the Contax T since it was MF only and the flash was not built in (Personal preference. Don’t come at me T fans.). Went for the Contax T2. Why not the Contax T3? Because I did not see a great gain for the extra cost and I was not as enamored with the aesthetics as the T2 (Again. Personal preference. Don’t come at me T3 fans.). Plus neither has a slidey door thing that I have already lost minutes potentially wearing out.

As always Google the camera and plenty of great websites will tell you the backstory. Evidently this model gained attention recently due to being featured on the Tonight Show with one of the late night Jimmys by…

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