This Old Camera Milestone: 40th Post

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A lot has happened since I started this blog a few years ago. I transitioned from various tech-related topics and random neural firings to focusing on film and digital photography. Cameras have come and gone. I wrote for KEH Camera for a couple of years.


Did some event shoots,

Samurai Armor Portrait Booth - Triangle JapanFest 2019


Sony A7Rii

shot my first wedding,

Kauffmann Wedding Shoot - The Wedding

Kauffmann Wedding Shoot - The Wedding

Kauffmann Wedding Shoot - The Wedding

tried a lot of film, and as usual took a lot of pictures.

One of my loves is film photography and film cameras. For that reason, I started a line of posts about film cameras. All types. Standards like Nikon F3. Classics like the Hasselblad 501c and Leica M3. Media darlings like the Contax T2. Bargains like the Contax 137 MA Quartz and Konica C35 AF2. Odd ducks like the Konica AiBorg. And recently I was surprised to realize that I had reached my 40th post. Click the image below to see them all.


Next step is likely creating Youtube videos for these posts in 2020. Thank you for stopping through.


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