Sony a6000: When good enough is exactly what I am looking for.

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I have lost count of how many times I have bought an a6000. I believe this is the third time.

Why the a6000 rather than the newer a6300/a6500 or newly released a6100/a6400/a6600?

Easy. Understanding what I do and do not need a second camera for.

What I do need want:

  • I would prefer to spend the least to meet my needs. And around $330 $260 used fits nicely into my plan.
  • Added zoom reach. Was thinking of getting a 1.4X crop adapter for a spendy zoom I recently acquired, but these Sony adapters cost over $500. An a6000 brings a 1.5x crop, loses no light due to extra glass, comes with a whole camera attached, and costs hundreds less.
  • Fast and accurate 11fps constant AF tracking. Add that with the 1.5x reach and you have the makings of an oddly affordable and capable big lens/little camera sports solution. This dpreview I saw years ago stuck with me. Looking forward to marching band season, where football games break out before and after their playing, to try it out.
  • A backup camera in a pinch. Different crop, but perfectly serviceable with my existing full-frame glass.
  • Access to APS-C glass. Never warmed up to the 20mm Sony pancake, but I have been very happy with the pancake zoom and 10-18mm wide zoom.
  • A camera that pairs well with smaller vintage glass like the half-frame 40mm Olympus PEN FT.


What I do not need:

  • A sky-high price for an APS-C camera. An A7 used goes for around $500. Regardless of features, I am unlikely to pay more for a crop sensor camera.
  • 4K. 1080p is good for me and I have a camera that does 4K if needed.
  • IBIS. Nice to have, but not a have to have for a second body.
  • Weather sealing. I rarely take cameras out in inclement weather even when they are well sealed.
  • Touch screen. Nice to have, but not entirely necessary.
  • Specs for specs sake. Just need enough to do what I need to do.

Welcome home a6000.

Thoughts so far? I am very pleased. Some samples below and here is an ongoing album.

Happy shooting.



Warm Up




Sony 10-18mm f/4 OSS

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