When your little worlds collide Part 2: The Candid Frame, an intro (by yours truly), and Polaroid

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Recently posted on a convergence between KEH.com and one of my favorite Youtube channels. This morning I experienced another convergence.

  1. The Candid Frame: I am not typically a podcast person. My lack of an attention span is typically the issue. There are two exceptions. Both held my attention episode after episode but for very different reasons. One investigates dark truths and injustices, “In the Dark” and the other is a source of light, “The Candid Frame”. Instead of gear rants, spec rundowns, brand worship/bashing, and other decidedly not fun topics common on many photography websites and blogs this podcast focuses on interviewing fascinating folks in and around photography. Many other podcasts turn into background noise as my attention drifts elsewhere, but that is not the case here. Why?
    • Host and interviewer extraordinaire Ibarionex Perello. Quite a photographic talent, teacher, and interesting personality himself he sets that aside to focus his attention instead on the interviewee at hand. A welcome beacon of humility in a sea of “Enough about me. What do you think of me?” conversations.
    • Fascinating and diverse interviewees. From titans of the industry covering many forms of the art to students, those relatively new to the fray, and ancillary artists who work in conjunction with light gatherers the guests are some of the most interesting people I have heard interviewed.
    • Excellent questions. Often uttered during interviews is the phrase, “That is an excellent question.”, and for good reason. Ibarionex asks those questions I hope he gets around to as well as those questions I would have never thought to ask. The questions serve as eye-openers providing insights into topics as varied as artist inspiration, differing paths to success, diverse definitions of what success means, and more.
  2. The intro (by yours truly). Recently Ibarionex solicited listeners to submit intro audio recordings. I submitted an intro recording a few weeks ago and figured there must be quite a few in the queue so it would be a while before it would be posted if posted at all. After starting the podcast in reverse order I then got off on a jag starting The Candid Frame from the beginning some 13 years ago (13 years!). Starting from the beginning has served as a fascinating walk down memory lane outlining the changes in the profession and gear as moved along by technology and time. Had worked my way through from 2006 up to #81 from 2009. It became my daily commute and driving soundtrack. Today I decided to catch up on recent episodes and to my great surprise, my intro was used for Episode #473. Grinned like I had lost what remains of my marbles as I entered the cubicle farm this morning. Here is the link to this particular episode which contains a link to my little old blog right here.
  3. Polaroid. I love Polaroid. My photography started with my Dad’s Polaroid SX-70. The first camera my father bought me was a Polaroid One Step (recently lost my Father and here is a link to a post in honor of him). img_20190614_214832_120I own a couple of Polaroids including a Polaroid Originals One Step 2 and my very own SX-70 I recently wrote a post about.img_20190609_002941_014 And then I intro an episode of The Candid Frame that centers around Polaroid featuring the film Instant Dreams by Willem Baptist? Polaroid. Polaroid. Polaroid. <ahem>… Life is good.

In conclusion, I very much appreciate the content of The Candid Frame, the kindness of Ibarionex Perello in general, and the talent of Willem Baptist on display in this Episode specifically. Check them all out and I do not believe you will be disappointed.


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