I love a good deal.

2 of 3 C/Y mount posts.

Recently picked up one heck of a deal in a camera. Seems appropriate to find deals when it comes to lenses for it. I typically get three primes when I purchase a film system. A normal. A portrait. A wide. This is the portrait. The Yashica 135mm f/2.8.

Why did I buy it?

  • $72
  • Has a built-in hood.
  • Looked nice enough in the KEH listing.
  • Having a Contax Zeiss C/Y mount variant I was looking forward to seeing what Yashica could do.

Then I received it. Nice. Better built than Takumar 135mm lenses I have owned and on par with the nicer of my other film portrait lenses regardless of price.


Great feel in hand and on the focus and aperture rings.

Again another winner photo wise also. gin hit the big three:

  • Great color.
  • Sharp wide open.
  • Pleasing out of focus areas.

I’ll keep it short. That is it. That is just about all I need.

Below are sample images and here is a link to an ongoing gallery.

Happy shooting.



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