This Old Camera: Petri 7S. From “Ha!, like the dish?” to “Why have I never heard of this camera before?” in one day.

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Started out innocently enough looking through posts on a Film GAS Facebook page (Disclaimer: Click at your own risk. I am in no way responsible for any purchases made as a result.) Came across a post on the Petri 7S. Thrown by the brand name at first and moved on. Next day I searched Flickr for some samples that impressed me. Once I realized how cheap these cameras are I picked one up from for $23. Here are my thoughts, cons first.


  • Rangefinder is fairly dark and the focus patch is hard to see in certain light, but that may just be my sample. Usable. Can usually find an angle that works. Just nothing to write home about.
  • That is it.


  • $23
  • A looker. A distinguished bit of kit not far off in appearance from the Canonet series.
  • Solid. All metal build.

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  • An actual working selenium light meter. This just should not be. In addition to through the viewfinder this also packs a second match needle display in the top plate. I had a good time using this to shoot from the hip.
  • Sharp lens. There is an f/1.8 version of this camera out there also, but I am good. This f/2.8 lens is sharp. Plus with the iffy focus patch I would not really trust myself to focus with a f/1.8 depth of field.
  • $23.

Well, that wraps it up for now. Some samples shots below and here is a link to the full gallery of images.

Happy shooting.


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