Another roll of @Lomography 400: Love this stuff. #heylomograhy

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Lomography 400 is one of my favorite films. Have written about it before.  800 is amazing also offering similar performance with barely noticeable grain but is constantly in short supply evidently. It has long been out of stock on lomography’s site and my local camera shop has not fared better. At any price I would like this film. At around $15 for a 3 pack 35mm or 120 it is a straight-up bargain. I love the colors. Superior colors compared to similarly priced drug store and megalomart grade film but you get 36 exposures a roll compared to 24. Only advantage left is the more pedestrian film can be picked up near anywhere instead of just camera shops and online. Amazing consistency no matter the film format or camera type used. Enough talk. Some sample shots below are from a walk I took the other day just to see what I could in about 30 minutes. Here is a link to an ongoing Lomography 400 album.

Happy shooting.


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