Durham Fruit/Coffee and Cameras

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Went to a Coffee and Cameras meetup (my 2nd outing w/ the group) hosted by photographer and part time model Jim the other night.

Durham Frui/Coffee and Cameras

It was held at the Durham Fruit (contact information on website), a great art space formed by and for creatives. Many different artists and organizations (Duke Performances event) have made use of the space. A highly adaptable facility that has hosted concerts, artist installations (2 current ones by Georges Rousse), galleries, dance performances, photo shoots, video shoots, photo and video shoots of dancers, and they are even open to pulling a vehicle into the space if so desired. While we were there a stage was being constructed for an upcoming burlesque performance. The host that invited Jim and the group…

Durham Frui/Coffee and Cameras

…and the owner…

Durham Frui/Coffee and Cameras

…made us feel welcomed.

As for gear used for the night as soon as I heard low light I grabbed the light sucker, aka the Mitakon 50mm f/0.95. Debated bringing a slightly slower AF 50mm, but if the light was as low as I thought it would be I figured it would give AF fits. Plus manual focus is silent focus and I have become fairly proficient at focusing the Mitakon. As always this lens impressed. Perfect choice for low to near no light situations. Also hear tell the aperture dial can be moved to other settings besides f/0.95. Will have to try that out sometime.

Below are some samples and here is a link to the full gallery of shots taken.

Happy shooting.



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