Could resist it no longer. Olympus 75mm f/1.8.

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Was going to say I can add no more to what has already been said by so many about this lens. But it is so good I could not stop myself.

Since my first go around with Micro Four Thirds I have wanted this lens. Previously it was still too new to be found at a reasonable price used. My favorite way to buy gear. But one showed up at the local camera shop at a price I could not refuse so a trade was on. Trade what? Not important. After a quick spin I can say all of the hype is more than well deserved.


  • Sharp. Sharp. Sharp. One of if not the sharpest lens I have ever used wide open. So much so that like the excellent film half frame PEN FT 40mm f/1.4 it is so sharp that it seems to compensate for the smaller image gathering surface.
  • Small and light considering its spec. It brings long portrait lens glass in a small and tidy package to an already small system.
  • All metal top notch build like the excellent 17mm f/1.8.
  • Value. Even new this price is reasonable. Try buying a fixed focal length bright aperture 135mm plus AF lens elsewhere and you will pay much more.
  • Versatile. No matter the type of shot if you can focus on your subject you will likely be pleased with the result.
  • Quick and silent focusing.

Minuses (Kind of.):

  • A manual focus clutch like the 17mm would have been nice.
  • Some have mentioned the long focal length, but Olympus makes perfectly wonderful 45mm and 25mm lenses if that is an issue for you.

No matter the price or format I have never owned a better portrait lens.

If you love portraits and have a micro four thirds camera you can do no better.

Here is a link to an ongoing gallery with samples below.


Update: Since sold the system. No issue. Redundant focal length coverage.


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