Olympus 30mm f/3.5 Macro. Could be my shortest review.

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  • Costs $149 new as I write this.
  • Sharp.
  • Small and light.
  • Flexible focal length.
  • Not the fastest focuser…
    • but neither has any other macro I have used been. Acceptably quick. Unlike any other macro I have used autofocus is actually useful.
  • 2.5x. (Woot!)

After trying and failing to find a copy online (just checked and still back ordered) I found out the local camera shop had 3 in stock (now at most 2).

Below are samples taken fresh out of the box with little or no prep and here is a link to future shots.

Wrapping up.

Have $149?

Need or want a macro?

Want a no apologies macro that will stand up against any macro lens I ever used?

Would like a super sharp, if not the fastest aperture, all-purpose, compact, light, and near normal prime lens?…

Tired of all these questions?

Olympus has the lens for you right here.

It is a brand new in box no compromise AF macro lens for $149. No wonder they are on back order.

Happy shooting.


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