First Rolls: Kodak Color Plus 200 Quick Overview

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Not really a review. Some rambling then samples.

I am a friend of cheap affordable film. Will usually find me in possession of some manner of drug store or megalomart grade multi pack film. This film costs about the same, but when you factor in that Color Plus is 36 exposures per roll, rather than the typical bargain grade 24, that makes it even more of a deal.

Thoughts? I like it. Kodak Gold/Ultra Max, Fuji Superia/X-Tra and the like are all fine, but in my experience they tend to lean towards being more muted and also have a yellow or green cast to the entire frame at times. Not here. One color this film nails for sure is red (check the VW and Fire Truck in the samples). Does a great job with green, yellow, and blue also without taking over the frame. It’s like they should highlight this in the film’s name or someth… Right. Never mind. Also low grain. Nice sharpness. Like I said earlier, I like it. Here are some samples below as shot through a Contax T2.

Happy shooting.




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