Zorki 4 w/ Industar 50

Wanted to like this camera. Has some definite perks. As suggested to me by an Instagram acquaintance it has a fantastic viewfinder. But I did not warm up to it at all for some reason. Maybe because it was too normal?

Most likely it is because infinity did not line up when using the Industar 50 it came with. Perhaps because the eveready case flops about on the bottom owing to the non-flush tripod mount. Looks good, but not as tidy and as one of a piece like the wonderfully snug FED 2 and Industar 10 in their case. That set up’s feel and performance belies its frugal pricing.



But one area where this camera does not fall short is the images it creates. Focus was fine even with infinity not aligning properly. Colors were just fine. Easy to set. And…  Still did not like the camera. Ok. Enough of that. Pictures. Happy shooting.





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