Scanner files: Contax G1.. and G2 too.

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Wrote more about the Contax G System as a contributing writer at KEH Camera’s blog, but this is an early post with the Contax G1. I predict that there will be much more written about the Contax G1. Why? On a high-level it is so good that…

  1. I am already on film roll 4 in a weeks time.
  2. I have not used any digital gear since I received it.
  3. It prompted me to do something I had no intention of doing. Getting a G2.


More specifics in later posts. Still in the honeymoon phase. Unless a flaw is located quickly cameras will be sold. Unless a flaw is located quickly there are cameras have been removed from my wish list. Now a sample of the main reason why I am enamored with this camera and now system. The images. Link here to the ongoing gallery with a sampling below.




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