This Old Camera: Olympus OM-10 Sample Photos Added

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A few things.

How? Felt led to visit SE Camera as I wanted another 35mm camera.

Why? Always in the market for another film camera, especially pedestrian 35mm ones as they are often in excellent condition and quite affordable.

What happened? While talking with Alex I noticed an Olympus OM-10 with my all time favorite 50mm focal length (f/1.8 will do nicely) sitting on the counter. A few minutes later I had purchased it and a roll of Rollei RPX 400.

What now? It produces images as good looking as the camera itself.

This camera’s main selling point is its price, size, good looks, and ability to use the same lenses as the storied OM-1.

Had thought I might get this and then upgrade, but I quite like this camera and decided against it.


  • Aperture priority works just fine.
  • Focusing is a breeze with a great viewfinder.
  • Small size as mentioned earlier.
  • It is a good looking little camera. Can pretend otherwise, but that matters. Who wants to look at an ugly camera?
Olympus OM-10

There are some downsides however.

  • No ability to adjust shutter speed natively. Searched eBay and found the plug in shutter dial pictured below. Works fine, but just plain old why? Smaller cameras have a shutter dial on the camera. They could have put the shutter on the camera where the plug in goes. Makes no sense to me, but there you are.
  • With that shutter dial in use there is not internal metering. Another head scratcher.
  • A power switch that I regularly forget to turn off. Good thing it seems to power itself down automatically.

But none of those demerits are a big issue to me. Still one of my favorites and and at $50 for camera and lens this camera is a no brainer.

Samples below and ongoing gallery here.

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