Fuji La: Or in the words of Ron Burgundy “That escalated quickly.”

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Update: After this Fuji bender and another one in 2019 I left Fuji because reasons. Would not change a thing written below. True then as it is now. My priorities shifted however. An excellent system.

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Hello friends. We are gathered here today to catalog my latest system churn adventures. Not that long ago I was all happy with my gear set up and had never owned a Fuji. As detailed here and here that changed when I fell for an old beauty of a rangefinder fixed lens Fujica medium format film camera that led me to search for a digital spiritual descendant.

At 8 shots a roll I figured the digital camera might drain my account in one shot as opposed to bleeding it dry one roll at a time. What happened? Why am I writing this? Glad you asked. Without realizing it a few things happened:

  • Loved the out of camera JPEGs so much that I found I started using Lightroom as a photo importing tool more than as an editor. Days would go by without touching up an image when it used to be a daily chore. Was not planned. It just kind of happened.
  • Was amazed at the image quality and sharpness. Shots were simply sharp. No post sharpening necessary.
  • While not blazing fast when it did hit focus was so solid that I was no longer taking multiple safety shots, fearing disappointment due to lost moments when downloading files, as a result of more hit and miss focusing.
  • I was enjoying shooting more. While my current system was technically excellent I had more fun with Fuji.
  • Again unplanned, but I realized that, with the exception of a shoot where I needed wanted 2 bodies to shoot with complimentary lenses, my other system had not left the house since I obtained the new system. That new camera honeymoon that typically only lasted a couple of days did not wear off.

The result? What started as one new body intended to replace my lower rung DSLR with a portable alternative for daily use turned in to the only camera system I wanted to use. What to do? I found myself trolling KEH.com and the used departments for Adorama.com and BHPhtotoVideo.com looking for good deals on additional gear.

Fuji released great new cameras (X-T2 of particular interest to me) as of recent, so should I jump in for the new, latest and greatest? Nope. A great option for those whose budgets match their ambitions, but when a new version of an already good camera comes out my first question, like with the A7 a while back, is “What do you want for the old one, the X-T1?” What few features I wanted to add to the X-Pro1 the X-T1 had (namely phase detect and functioning constant AF for constant shooting). Well for new quite a bit since it is still for sale. So then my next question is, “How much for a used one?” Turns out not a lot. Now I had long followed Fuji and had a great respect for their X cameras, but now seemed the time to score a couple of earlier models. Why am I not concerned with buying older Fuji’s? Well:

  • Fuji is fantastic about not just releasing firmware fixes, but adding great performance improvements (like greatly improved focus speed on the X-Pro1 and X-T1) and even brand new features (like focus peaking on the X-Pro1 and e-shutter up to 1/32,000s on the X-T1).
  • I own and still purchase decades old film camera so a few years does not concern me at all. Plus cameras are usually built like tanks and photography people tend to take great care of their gear.

Result? I bought mid-range zooms that perform well above their specs and price point. While Fuji has great constant aperture zooms I chose not to go that route due to cost and size, and weight. I want all essentials to fit in a reasonably sized camera bag again.

Flash? Need a flash. Fuji has a few options, but on the advice of Alex from Southeastern Camera I purchased a mighty mini Nissin i40 flash that pairs well with the light weight and small size of the cameras.

Welp. I could say more and may add some detail later, but for now I just want to say that you should do yourself a favor and give Fuji a spin if you have not already. Great new gear and great older gear also. Not waxing poetic about magic and pixie dust, but the fact that these cameras make photography a joy and produce wonderful results effortlessly is undeniable. For now I will let the photos speak for themselves. Ongoing gallery from  both the X-T1 and X-Pro1 will be here and below are some sample shots, most of which are out of camera JPEGS or have simply been cropped.

Happy shooting.


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