RNF – The mind boggles at times…

Once I worked in Manhattan for MetLife in a nice 7th Floor Office in 1 Penn Plaza overlooking W. 34th near 7th. When close to the window you could see Macy’s across the way. I am so specific because one day by this wall of windows I had an exchange with a co-worker that is forever tattooed on my brain. Marcel, who had immigrated to the US with his family as a youth from France and still had traces of his homeland peppered throughout his speech patterns, was talking and he said something so odd that I was sure I had misheard him. I politely stopped him and asked, “Did you just say you were against immigration?” In a matter of fact fashion he responded yes. Marcel, I asked thinking I must have gotten something wrong along the way, “Where were you born?”. Again in a matter of fact fashion he responded, “France.”. I continued, “So basically now that you are in you would like to limit who may follow?”. I do not remember his response.

Why do I say this now? Glad you asked. Because flawed logic now seems to rule the land far and wide.From Trump to Brexit illogical xenophobia and jingoism are either on the rise or loudly gurgling in the throes of death. Hard to tell the difference because both can be very loud and terrifying to see and hear.

My father and I have always held lengthy discussions on all manner of topics from cars to politics as long as I can remember. I was very blunt as a teenager and I expressed a concern to my father that those who were more likely to produce persons ill equipped to navigate life due to deficits in intellectual assets… I was quite wordy as a youth. Put more succinctly I was concerned, panicked even at the realization that people ill equipped to rear childr… This is succinct? Ok, I get wordy when trying not to offend. Let’s go a different way (Warning: Cussin’ ahead)…

There you have it. My teenage societal angst laid out in the opening sequence of Idiocracy. Freaked me out a bit when I first saw this movie if I am honest. Played as an over the top comedy the film is starting to hit a little close to home. Is a former pro-wrestler for President really that far off from a former reality show celebrity?

We are defined by who we celebrate and from music to sports to movies to politics society not only tolerates idiocy it now elevates and rewards idiocy on a regular basis. Case in point a few years back a father concocted a ridiculous balloon boy narrative that proved to be a pathetic grab for publicity and attention. The punishment for this obnoxious attention mongering? They were on Good Morning America… Even if Trump loses it is far from over. Like Rocky putting up a good fight in the first film it secured one awful, cheesy sequel after another the idiot base has been energized now that one of their own came so close to the prize.

Solutions? I have none other than the blatantly obvious. As I have stated many times before…

If many choose not to engage and stay away from the voting booths as has been their tactic en masse thus far buckle up, it is going to be a bumpy ride.


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