Learning light. Built a starter flash lighting kit.


Built a budget old/new flash lighting kit. Could have saved $ by using flashes/triggers recommended by the excellent strobist and improve photography starter lists, but I wanted to inject a bit of old school w/ 2xVivitar 285HVs (1 free w/ a vintage camera purchase, and the other $65 from @sec_carrboro ) since I will often use it with vintage cameras. Not necessary, but it pleases my inner film nerd. @phottix remote/triggers ($59 for startup remote/trigger from @sec_carrboro and $21 for extra trigger from @Amazon). 2 generic flash swivel tilting bracket umbrella holders to complete the constant to flash light conversion (2 for less than $10 on @Amazon). The balance of the kit came with a bargain Limo Studio constant light set up ($50 on @Amazon  it included 2 tall light stands, 1 table top light stand, 3 shoot through white umbrellas, a stand/umbrella carrying bag and a bulb carrying bag that I repurposed to carry the  flashes, trigger gear and batteries). Sturdier gear can be had for sure, but I have already enjoyed the extra functionality and options this set up has provided. Plus who does not like being able to improve their photographs for $200 or less? Disclaimer: No TTL to be had so a light meter is highly recommended if you do not have one already I use and recommend an old Sekonic L-308.

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