Random Neural Firing from FB yesterday: The Struggle Against Disenfranchisement.

We are in an era where foolishness is treated as if it were a valid viewpoint for viewer market share, intellectual sloth and insensitivity are running rampant, spewing lies and hatred is met with howls of approval and labeled by some as telling the truth, and stating the patently obvious is celebrated as if it were a deep revelation. Already turned in my cable boxes to cut down on the noise, but my interwebs are infected with this nonsense as well. Parsing actual news from the nonsense is an exhausting affair, but that is the point. Disgust those who want better to the point of disenfranchisement. But I will continue to sift through this cesspool of misinformation, malfeasance, commercial breaks, and breathless bluster called major modern media so as to stay informed enough to properly exercise that one right that has yet to be revoked. My right to vote. If we do not do this the moneyed interests and the lobbyists, politicians, and media outlets they have bought will have won by default. An uphill battle, but the only losing is in surrendering the polls by not showing up. -ELW

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