Slide Camera Sling by Peak Design: Very nice.

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I recently endeavored to research and acquire the best camera strap available. Basically went to the B&H Photo Video website searched for camera straps and chose the one that I had not heard of, but was the best seller. Keep it simple. A few demo videos and it was a lock. Received it yesterday and this is a winner.


  • By far the easiest and best executed adjustable straps I have seen. They work as fluidly as the video below shows and are very secure. This Industrial Engineer likes.
  • Love the modular strap attachment points. Not only can different cameras be used, but I can go from using the battery grip as an attachment point to side attachment without ever having to remove/relocate a strap mount point. Also means I can remove the strap all together with ease. Another impressive bit of engineering.
  • Like that it is supplied with 4 attachment points and a tripod mount. Everything needed.
  • Really like the padding being built right in to the strap as opposed to a separate fixed or sliding padded section. And it is very effective.
  • Just enough grip texture built in to the strap to keep it from sliding off when used on one shoulder.
  • Appreciate that they did not price it as if the padding were lined with gold leaf. Very reasonable price (bought mine here.).
  • 2 anchor point method employed here. I have another popular sling that I have used in the past for my cameras, but one anchor point allowed for a lot of movement, especially rotation when off to the side. I did not feel comfortable using that strap with my latest camera acquisition. Having a relatively inexpensive, small camera/lens swinging around my hip is one thing, but I could not see having a Sony A7 w/ a built like a vault Mitakon 50mm f/0.95 dangling in the same manner. With this two point anchor sling set up the camera stays put with the camera oriented so the lens faces downward against me instead of potentially impacting a door jamb, chair, etc. in a moment of forgetfulness as it swings around.
  • The aesthetic design fits perfectly here. Impressive, modern, but not flashy.

Here is a video from Peak Design that pretty much sealed it for me.

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