New light collector: Sony A7. Love a good deal.

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It was all a blur. Since their release I have been impressed with the Sony A7 line in all of it’s mirrorless, full frame, with killer EVF glory. While the price was very reasonable it was still a bit too rich for my “can’t see body prices over $1,000” blood. That all changed with the release of the very nice A7II. Did the new feature set, including the image stabilization licensed from Olympus that I used to enjoy on a previously owned E-P5, move me to see above $1,000. Nope. Still too cheap frugal for that to happen as long as I am a hobbyist. No, the news that got my attention was not in headlines, but it was seeing that Sony reduced the price of the original A7 to $998. Huzzah! As usual this led to fits of gear trading and selling that are still in play as I write this, but has already allowed me to get my mitts on the A7. No lenses yet, but I have legacy 35mm film lenses and that is a huge perk of the A7. Sure I had used them before with adapters, but having a full frame sensor backing them would be even better I thought. And make it better it did. Just received the camera Friday and below are some impromptu shots taken over Father’s Day weekend. I look forward to getting out and about with this camera. Will report back with more images and some native lenses, The plan so far is to get the 24-240mm next. Sure their are optical compromises, but after going prime crazy recently I am looking forward to having a good all ’rounder on body as opposed to a bag full of perfect for certain situations on my shoulder. Preference. Plus it has gotten respectable reviews. After that most likely a flash, but then who knows? Take it easy. -ELW

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