When a portrait reaps unexpected encouragement…

Tuesday night Brother Art (Baritone Extraordinaire) says to me, “My friends and family say to me that they see all these pictures on 100meninblack.org, but they have not seen any pictures of me.” I was so touched that a) people were looking at the photos and b) Brother Art wanted to have a portrait of him. I told him, “Well we are about to fix that.” right before taking the picture below that I posted to Instagram.

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Brother Art, Baritone Extaordinaire @100meninblack

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Now the smile on his face when I showed him the picture was more than reward enough, but it did not end there. While not that many likes were gathered for this photo relative to others (all likes very much appreciated) 2 of these likes were photography heroes of mine. One in the person of the esteemed and accomplished Mr. Lonnie Graham who wrote “Beautiful portrait” and liked:

and the other in the person of the esteemed and accomplished Mr. Lou Jones who liked the photo also:

It may seem little to some, but this small acknowledgement, 2 words and a few mere double taps, meant the world to me.

Here is the full original:

and this a link to the shots from that afternoon.


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