RNF – Woods’ Imagined Phraseology Dictionary. Entry 1: “Artificial Construct of Relevance”

” Artificial Construct of Relevance” – Phrase of my own imagining to describe any scenario where matters of complete insignificance in the grand scheme of things are treated as essential because enough individuals have banded together to deem it so. The ‘tell’ is whether or not anyone outside of that defined bubble can find any discernible merit within that same construct.


  1. The ‘Woods’ Imagined Phraseology Dictionary’ itself. One can be quite forgiven for passing on considering anything produced whole cloth from the machinations of an engineer degree wielding middle class family man that dabbles in music, photography, and random neural firings while helping to to pay the bills via healthcare IT nerdery as relevant.
  2. Sports. In general and by region. One person’s World Series is another’s snooze fest or United State’s Series while a couple of letters yields a gaping chasm between football and futbol.
  3. Entertainment News. No explanation should be required.
  4. Any inflammatory rhetoric based in half truths solely intended to agitate, irritate, obfuscate, intimidate aggravate and separate that addresses no significant matter at hand.

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